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When you hear the name “Bruce Lee,” no matter what you know about the man behind the legend, you instantly think of confidence, power, grace, style, and cool. He was more than just an action star: he embodied speed, strength, and charisma. He had an energy that ignited and inspired people all around the world, and he was famous for his physical as well as mental prowess.

Bruce Lee was responsible for bringing Asian martial arts into the mainstream with his hugely popular movies. Through his own extraordinary, singular outlook, Lee even created his ownmartial art, Jeet Kune Do. In his wake – after his sudden and unt imely passing in his early thirties – a chain of profound philosophical musings were left behind that are still relevant today.

Bruce Lee is remembered not only as the martial artist who inspired people to better themselves physically and mentally but also as an actor, a writer, a director, a teacher, and a philosopher. Authorized by Bruce Lee Enterprises, The Treasures of Bruce Lee tells this unique man's story – his aspirations, his family life, his passion for martial arts – as never before, through painstaking research, never-before-seen memorabilia, and rare, unpublished photographs. It includes 5 posters and 15 removable facsimile items from the Bruce Lee Archives, including handwritten poems, membership cards, and Lee's illustrations and noteson all aspects of martial arts.

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ISBN13 1476886849
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